The following datasets have been aggregated from numerous sources in their raw form and are being made freely available for non-commercial, academic use, with attribution requested for Circumpolar Health Observatory. The usage license corresponds to the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike designation.

The datasets have been uploaded in Excel format and as Google Spreadsheets that permit real-time sharing and collaboration as well as downloads in various formats.

Note all datasets are standardized to cover the regions defined in the coverage map. More 2005-2009 datasets are forthcoming.


Health Expenditures Expenditure per capita XLSX | Google Notes
Health Facilities Rate of hospital beds XLSX | Google Notes
Health Workforce Rate of physicians, dentists, and nurses XLSX | Google Notes
Population Total population, population by age and sex, population density XLSX | Google Notes
Mortality Deaths by age and sex, life expectancy at birth, and infant mortality XLSX | Google Notes
Fertility Livebirths by mother’s age, sex ratio of livebirths, total fertility rate XLSX | Google Notes
Infectious Disease Incidence Tuberculosis cases and rates, Gonorrhea cases and rates XLSX | Google Notes
Behaviours Smoking XLSX | Google Notes
Cancer Incidence Cancers (Lung, Colon/Rectum, Breast, Cervix, Prostate) XLSX | Google Notes
Socioeconomic GDP, tertiary educational attainment XLSX | Google Notes
Reproductive Outcomes Perinatal mortality, live births by birthweight, livebirths by gestational age XLSX | Google Notes
Physical Environment Mean temperature XLSX | Google